Providing high quality products by the total arrangements from “R&D” to “Production”

We manufacture casting products, which play vital roles in commercial vehicles, construction machinery, and diesel engines.
We always come up with a shape of the product which satisfies its requirements through casting analysis, prototype manufacture and evaluation and develop new casting materials in collaboration with our customers. It means that we ensure a development system and capabilities to comprehensively meet the customers’ needs.

Materials melted at over 1,500 degrees Celsius turn into casting products through various processes. Each process combines automation with craftsmanship and repeated measurements and inspections in the process ensure the highest quality.


Supply of good quality casting products

We produce 200,000 tons of iron castings per year in Japan alone. This accounts for approximately 6% of all iron castings produced in Japan each year.
Through high technological capabilities, we would like to continue to supply high quality casting products, which are precisely in line with customers’ requirements.

Samples of production processes


Production Facilities

Production line with state-of-the-art technology

Automatization with methods such as numerical control has been implemented in all processes of casting, machining, assembly and inspection, therefore, our production lines are “safe,” “high quality” and then exceedingly “flexible.”

Automatic molding process

Automatic core setting robots

Machining process

Machining and Assembly



Molding for “master sand mold”

Charging sand to the mold frame, and “master (sand) mold” molded by the “molding machine”

Core setting

Setting assembled core into the master mold


Pouring melted iron into the master mold with the core inside with the automatic pouring machine

Cooling and removing frame

The casting product is cooled and hardened, then it is taken out from the mold frame upon removing sand.


Isolating products from non-products using a manipulator robot

Core molding

The core, which shapes “hollow portions” inside the casting product, is molded while the sand is compressed.

Core assembly

Assembling completed core with other cores

Grinding and finishing

Materials acceptance

Melting (High frequency induction furnace)Materials acceptance

Materials are distributed appropriately and charged to high frequency induction furnaces, and they are melted.

Melting (Molten metal receiving and distribution carrier)

Iron melted (molten metal) using automatic component control system is transported to the pouring process by the molten metal receiving and distribution carrier.


Products processed using automatic machining machinery are automatically assembled with other products


Final Inspection

The product is packed and shipped to the customer after the final inspection has been done.

Machining and assembly

Products processed using automatic processing machinery are automatically assembled with other products