Machining and Assembly

Delivering products to customers around the world, with outstanding quality, price and service

We actively develop unique propeller shafts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, which are one of our main products, both in Japan and overseas while anticipating market needs. In the assembly of engines for industrial and construction machinery, which are another of our core products, we meet customers’ needs through integrated production, from procurement of raw materials to machining and assembly.

We deliver high-precision and low-cost propeller shafts to our customers in advanced technology, including the in-house production of assembly machines and welding machines and other facilities for propeller shafts, heat treatment technologies that mitigate deformation and other heat effects, welding technologies, and development of machining and assembly methods that minimize gaps between parts as much as possible.


Meeting a variety of production needs with advanced technology

We fulfill various customer needs by leveraging our comprehensive technologies, including aluminum die casting, heat treatment of raw materials, and automated machining and assembly lines.

Sample of production processes (assembly of PROP SHAFT ASM)


Production Facilities

Modernization and streamlining of production lines

In recent years, we have been modernizing our machining and assembly lines. For propeller shafts, we are automating the machining line for streamlining production. Furthermore, in engine production, we assemble approximately 1,000 types of engines in one line.

Fully automated painting line for propeller shafts

Automated machining line for propeller shaft components

Assembly line for industrial diesel engines

Machining and Assembly




Press-fitting WELD YOKE and END SHAFT components at both ends of tube


Full-circle welding of pre-assembled components at both ends of tube


Cooling down work piece after welding

Width correction

Correcting warped outer widths of WELD YOKE welded to tube

Curve adjustment

Adjusting the bend of END SHAFT welded to tube to within prescribed values

Shipment inspection

Confirming sizes and quality of appearance


Painting product with black paint after masking non-painting sections


Balancing the assembled PROP ASM to within specified values

Final/total assembly

Assembling YOKE FLANGE ASMs, universal joint sections to both ends