Purchasing Information

♦ Basic Purchasing Policy

IJTT undertakes purchasing activities based on its Basic Purchasing Policy, while placing importance on the partnerships it has in place with its business partners.

1) Adherence to laws and regulations, and social norms

Together with adhering to laws and regulations as we carry out purchasing activities, we will pay due care to the handling of mutually held confidential information. Moreover, we will give consideration to the sustainable development of society such as with issues of environmental preservation and protection of resources.

2) Fair and proper transactions

We will provide all business partners with fair and proper competitive opportunities, regardless of whether they be in or outside of Japan, their corporate scale, or actual transaction results. In addition, the selection of business partners will be based on the consideration, and overall determination, of quality, delivery lead times, and price, as well as technical acumen and proposal prowess, the soundness of management, and other matters.

3) Coexistence and coprosperity with business partners

As equals with our business partners, we will strive to build relationships of trust based on good communication, and that lead to mutually enhanced corporate value.

♦ To Prospective Suppliers

Preferred items for procurement

<Electrical items>
■ Motors ■ Inverters ■ Control units
<Engines, propeller shafts and other components>
■ Casting raw materials (FC/FCD/SC materials)
■ Forging raw materials (hot/warm/cold)
■ Machining (cutting/grinding/polishing/heat treatment/surface treatment)
*For forging raw materials/casting raw materials/machining, in particular demand are small lot/short lead-time capabilities.
■ Bearings ■ Rubber products ■ Pipes/tubes
■ Press parts ■ Aluminum parts ■ Fastener parts
■ Casting materials
■ Facilities/jigs (assembly/machining)
■ Cutting tools/grease
■ Other factory consumable goods

Transaction procedure

Application process

We ask that suppliers who wish to conduct business with IJTT please submit the below materials.

  • ■ Company brochure/corporate overview (including production bases in Japan and overseas/product items, other information)
  • ■ Photos of main component products/areas of expertise, strengths, and other information
  • ■ Equipment owned/respective number of machines and equipments, etc.
  • ■ List of main business partner companies

<Contact information>
E-mail : kobai@ijtt-jp.com
<Preferred conditions>
・ISO 9001 certification

♦Business Partner Consultation Counter

We have established a consultation counter to respond to queries and other matters pertaining to compliance in the transactions that take place with IJTT Group companies. We ask that business partners please contact the below if they have any opinions, things to point out, worries or other concerns.

1) Contact information
Consultation counter within Corporate Communication Department, IJTT Co., Ltd.
2) Eligibility for consultation and whistleblowing
Business partners in Japan, as well as their employees and officers who continuously conduct transactions with IJTT Group companies are eligible.
3) Consultation and whistleblowing content
Matters that are in violation of The Subcontract Act or other laws or regulations, or that conflict with corporate ethics or social norms, carried out by a party associated with the IJTT Group, and as concern a transaction with a business partner that have the potential to hinder fair transactions or of a loss of social trust and credibility.
4) Cautionary notes
  • ・ To the extent possible, in your consultation or whistleblowing, please be clear with specific details such as company names, personal names, and contact details.
  • ・ To protect the privacy of the person making the consultation or whistleblowing, we will not disclose information to third parties without prior consent.
  • ・ Under no circumstances will we use the reason of the consultation or whistleblowing to cause disadvantageous treatment to the person making contact.
  • ・ In the event of consultation or whistleblowing, the person making contact is deemed to be in agreement with the above notes.