Contribution to Communities

The Company engages in various social activities to contribute to community development and a better society through everyday business activities.

Companywide Activities

Blood donation

In coordination with the Japanese Red Cross Society, we regularly hold blood donation drives at each office.
We will continue cooperating with blood donations to save the precious lives of those in need of transfusion due to illness or injury.

Basic life-saving training

We regularly hold basic life-saving training sessions so that our employees can promptly conduct life-saving activities if they encounter accidents or disasters.
We strive to help in case of emergency, by acquiring knowledge and techniques (CPR, AED, etc.) related to emergency first aid

Local clean-up

We regularly conduct local clean-up activities around each office.
In addition, we strive to clean up our neighborhood by participating in clean-up and beautification events held by local municipalities.

Local summer festival

We hold local summer festivals at each office every summer.
We welcome many visitors to this event for exchange with people from our local community, our business partners, employees, and their families.

The festivals are bustling with food stalls and various events, and everybody enjoys the day while getting to know each other.

Other Initiatives

Traffic guidance (Tsuchiura Factory)

We provide traffic guidance in coordination with local elementary schools at children’s commuting time so they can commute to and from school safely.
We will continue working on such activities deeply rooted in the neighborhood while watching over the growth of children with a bright future ahead of them.

Eco-cap movement (Ebina Factory)

We are working on the “eco-cap movement,” in which we collect plastic bottle caps to provide vaccinations for infectious diseases to children across the world through a nonprofit organization, using revenues from selling the caps.
Each employee is participating in these activities with the aim of doing what they can today.

Red Feather Central Community Chest of Japan (Miyagi Factory)

We participate in the Red Feather Central Community Chest of Japan movement.
We collect a large amount of donations each year, and proceeds are utilized for disaster relief and recovery support in areas affected by earthquakes, as well as welfare activities such as support for the elderly and child rearing.