Compliance Initiatives

Compliance Initiative Policy

IJTT’s management philosophy is: “Powerful Support for ‘Devices that Move’to Shape Glorious & Sustainable Future”

We recognize it is indispensable for all officers and employees to behave with high ethics and “compliance” (meeting social trust and complying with law) in order for the Company’s existence to be recognized and to continue to realize the management philosophy.

Our basic policy is for the actions of all officers and employees to have a strong sense of ethics. In particular, management recognizes that taking the lead in practicing this policy is one of its important roles. Furthermore, in the case of an incident that goes against this policy, management will work on solving the issues and discovering the causes in order to prevent recurrence and fulfill its accountability to society by promptly and appropriately disclosing information.

In putting these into practice, we adhere to the following action standards.

Action Standards for Compliance

  1. Customer trust
    We will gain customer trust by contributing to creating prosperous lives through the provision of products and services that will be useful to society.
  2. Fair and sound actions
    We will conduct transactions based on fair and free competition. We will maintain sound and normal relationships with the government and politics, and resolutely fight against antisocial forces and organizations as a member of civil society.
  3. Disclosure of corporate information
    We will disclose our corporate information appropriately and fairly in a timely manner by communicating not only with our shareholders but also with society at large.
  4. Respecting employees
    We will respect the personality and individuality of our employees to be able to fully demonstrate their abilities. We will realize a safe and comfortable workplace environment.
  5. Contribution to environmental protection
    Not only will we work on environmental protection through our business activities, but we will also proactively work on environmental protection activities held in society and local communities.
  6. Contribution to society
    We will proactively conduct social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen.
  7. Harmony with international and local societies
    We will respect the culture and customs of countries and local communities and contribute to their development through our business activities.