Message from the President

IJTT has a solid history, having been established in April 2019 by the merger of I Metal Technology Co., Ltd., which specialized in manufacturing cast iron products, Jidosha Buhin Kogyo Co., Ltd., which specialized in machining and assembly, TDF Corporation, which specialized in manufacturing forged products, and IJT Technology Holdings Co., Ltd., which managed these three companies.

In recent years, the economic environment has changed rapidly. Especially in the automobile industry where a once-in-a-century paradigm shift is taking place, technological innovation is accelerating and changing significantly. In order to respond to such changes in the environment swiftly and flexibly, we integrated the four companies into one. Therefore we can make key decisions faster and also we offer optimized one-stop solutions by leveraging our combined competencies in casting, forging, machining and assembly.

Based on the management philosophy “Powerful Support for ‘Devices that Move’to Shape Glorious & Sustainable Future”, we are committed to continuously enhancing our manufacturing capabilities which comprise manufacturing operations, production technology, and product development, while also honing the skills of our staff that underpin those capabilities. By making such improvements, IJTT will continue to deliver unique added value to customers and also meet the expectations of its various stakeholders.

In the truck market where we sell our main products, we have been expanding in recent years by not only enhancing production efficiency in Japan but also by promoting the localization of production bases and procurement of parts, etc. overseas. Moreover, we are actively entering various business sectors such as industrial machinery and robotics, in order to meet customers' diverse needs with flexibility and speed.

We will continue to grow as a manufacturing company that is appreciated and trusted by customers, local communities and all over the world. We look forward to your continued support.

President and Representative Director Koichi Seto